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Progaine Voluminizing Shampoo 360mL, 12oz bottle

Progaine Voluminzing Shampoo 360mL, 12oz bottle



From the manufacturer of Rogaine - Progaine Volumizing Shampoo is specially formulated for Rogaine users to gently clean and thicken fine or thinning hair.




  • Optimizes fine or thin hair.

  • Creates optimal environment for healthy hair.

  • Optimize and volumize your fine or thin hair with Progaine products, unique hair care designed specifically for your hair type.

  • Use Progaine Volumizing Shampoo to give your scalp and hair a fresh start.

  • Many shampoos and styling products can leave behind a residue that becomes too heavy for fine or thin hair, causing it to sag and go limp.

  • This unique formula removes build-up without drying, creating the optimal environment for healthy hair.

  • Free your hair to begin anew!

  • Progaine hair care is brought to you by the scientists at Rogaine. Through years of research and focus, they have become experts in fine and thin hair.

  • Progaine products are designed to cleanse, condition and style; they do not contain the regrowth ingredient in Rogaine.

  • Safe for color-treated hair.

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